Re: the people that are pissed off about Gokaiger not being the 20th Anniversary Power Ranger team


I live in constant, crippling fear that Saban will eventually adapt Gokaiger. I dunno about you guys, but that concept actually terrifies me.

What if it ends up like Samurai?

What then?

You’ll all be crying “Why did they do such a thing to such a good series, how did they think this was a good idea, how could they take something so right and make itso wrong?”

I’m glad they’re doing Goseiger first.

It’s just putting off the inevitable, but I’m glad.

True, that was my fear too.

But in a recent interview at the licensing expo, they revealed that they’re really listening to the fanbase and know that, at least with older fans Samurai didn’t resonate with them. So much so that they decided to come up with their own story for Megaforce instead of copy pasting Goseiger’s.

I do give them credit, some stuff, like some Bulk and Spike segments were pretty good, But I can understand why people are upset at Samurai.

However they’re rusty, and working around it, they know they kinda messed up with Samurai, so that gives me a LOT of hope for the future